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Portugal & The Azores

Visit Portugal one of the oldest European countries with year-around sunshine. A once dominant sea power Portugal gave the world, Port wine, marmalade and melancholic Fado ballads.

 Tour of Portugal

We offer a wide range of escorted and independent vacations right across this vibrant nation. Visit exquisite churches and quaint old towns. See Lisbon & Porto and the historical North. Explore the the Algarve coastline in the south. Fly from Lisbon to the exotic Azores Islands or Madeira. Enjoy a slower pace is slower and the stunning natural beauty. Cruise the Douro on a week long expedition. We have tours of Portugal and Spain.


Grand Tour of Portugal - PT114
Circle tour of Portugal from Lisbon 11 days

Lisbon to The Algarve - PT116
 A short tour to the Algarve 4 days

Historic North Portugal - PT126
Fatima, Coimbra, Oporto, Braga, Villa Real 6 days

The Knights Templar Tour - PT118
Tour of Portugal 3 days

Short Tour of Portugal - PT124
3 days from Lisbon

Shrines and Cathedrals - PT125
Obidos, Batalha, Nazare & Fatima Pilgrimage site - 2 days


Azores Vacations
Sao Miguel, Terceira, Faial, Pico, Flores & Madeira

3 Island Azores Tour - PT409 
8 days to
Sao Miguel,  Faial and Pico Islands

4 Island Azores Tour - PT410
11 days to Sao Miguel, Terceira Faial, Pico

Azores Grand Tour - PT403 
15 days to
Sao Miguel, Flores, Faial and Terceira

Madeira - PT320
6 days tour of the Hawaii of Portugal

Bike Tour of Sao Miguel Island - PT412
9 Days Independent Cycling Tour


A Touch of Portugal - PT117
Lisbon and the Algarve tour with flexible dates all year

Lisbon to Oporto Tour - PT119
Visit the two major cities of Portugal flexible dates all year

Self Drive Tour  with Pousadas - Tour PT201
7 days S
elf drive tour with romantic accommodation all year around

Self Drive Tour with Pousadas - Tour PT202 
15 Day Self drive tour with romantic accommodation all year

Portugal Vacation Package - Self Drive Tour PT203
Any day all year around with romantic accommodation

South Portugal Self Drive -  Tour PT204  
Toward sunny Algarve through historic cities

Driving tour and Manor houses - Tour PT205
Self drive from Porto with wine tasting

Discover Portugal from Lisbon - Tour PT206
Drive from Lisbon to Fatima to Porto

Cooking tour - Lisbon-Alantejo - Tour PT207
Private tour and cooking classes

Portugal Tour for Art and Wine Lovers - Tour PT223
Specializing in local art and cuisine, this tour is for groups.


Iberian Explorer - ES241
Portugal, South and East Spain from Madrid - 15 days
Spain and Portugal Holiday - ES242

With Costa Del Sol - 15 days

Iberian Holiday -ES243
Portugal and West Spain - 13 days from Madrid

Madrid and Lisbon - ES430
Tour from Madrid, Salamanaca to Portugal -  8 days

Madrid Lisbon and Galicia - ES432
Northeast Spain with Portugal - 12 days

Northern Iberian Highlights - ES433
Portugal and North Spain - 12 days

Portugal, Galicia, Andalucía - ES434
Tour the West Iberian Peninsula - 13 days

Portugal The Green North and Andalucía - ES435 
Portugal and Spain's North, South and West From Madrid - 19 days

Portugal, Andalucia, Levante and Barcelona - ES436
North, South and West From Madrid - 12 days 

Grand Tour of Two Countries - ES438
A Grand Tour of the Iberian Peninsula. The South, East and West of Spain and Portugal - 16 days

Portugal, Andalucia, Morocco - ES440 
The 3 Countries of Spain, Portugal and Morocco from Madrid - 15 nights 


Circle Tour of Iberia - ES155
A complete circle tour of the I
berian Peninsula from Barcelona - 17 days

Across the Peninsula - ES445 
Barcelona, Madrid to Portugal and back - 9 days

The North of Spain and Portugal - ES246
Portugal from Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao - 13 days

Spain and Portugal Holiday - ES247
Medieval villages, historic Universities and World Heritage Sites - 12 days


Douro Cruises
The scenic river that flows from Sierra de Urbion in Spain to the Atlantic via Porto in Portugal

Enticing Douro - BD109
Porto Return - 8 days

Flavors of Portugal & Spain - BD110  
Porto, Portugal to Vega de Terron
, Spain - 8 days

Glories of Spain & Portugal - BD905
Cruise Malaga to Portimao/Lisbon - 8 days 

Glories of Spain and Portugal - BD906
Cruise Lisbon to Malaga - 8 days


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